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The Fostering Resilience Group Therapy Exercises subscription is a private membership portal containing

50+ group therapy exercises and continues to grow with new group therapy exercises and resources added each month!

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Group Therapy Activities to Use With...

  • Psychoeducational Groups
  • Skills Development Groups
  • Cognitive Behavioral Groups
  • Support Groups
  • Interpersonal Process Groups

When I first started conducting group therapy over 15 years ago, I would spend hours searching the internet for Group Therapy Exercises to use with my clients. I also bought every book and resource I could find.

I spent time and money looking for the Very Best Group Therapy Exercises to use with my clients, which is exactly why I've created this Group Therapy Library for you!

I've done all the work! I've taken all of the very best Group Therapy Activities & Exercises I've found and put them in a private membership portal for you.

So far, I've added over 50 exercises to the portal that you may access immediatey!

But, wait...

I'm just getting started accumulating and uploading all of the exercises.

I'll be adding more exercises and other group therapy resources each and every month!

This means you don't have to do a thing!!

Except, of course, click the link below and get started using some of the very best Group Therapy Activities & Exercises.


~ Dr. KJ Foster


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