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The Warrior's Guide to Successful Sobriety

IMAGINE Getting Your Life Back! And... it's BETTER than EVER!!


Learn the SECRET to a


The Resilient Warrior Journal

The Resilient Warrior Journal will help ANYONE build stronger MENTAL, EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL MUSCLES!

Fostering Resilience for the Family in Recovery

A Guide to Help You and Your Loved One GET OUT OF THE SWAMP of Substance Abuse and Addiction, which impacts the health of the ENTIRE FAMILY!

Book by Dr. Anthony G. Foster

Only Available on Amazon

The Toothbrush Therapy Journal

365 Days of Sober Disciplines

LEARN HOW to STAY SOBER for good with these 5 Easy Steps

to freedom

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Fostering Resilience

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Healthy Boundaries Bundle

How to cope in the face of adversity. Use these Healthy Boundaries tools and resources for personal or professional use.

Relapse Prevention

Clinician Manual

A complete 8 week group protocol integrating relapse prevention theory, mindfulness-based meditation, and shame resilience.

Relapse Prevention

Client Manual

This client manual is designed to be used in conjunction with the Fostering Resilience Relapse Prevention Program.

Boundaries Activities


Learn signs of ignored boundaries, how to begin to set healthy boundaries, activites to help set healthy boundaries, how to strengthen boundaries.

Shame Activities Workbook

Learn how to reduce shame with multiple activites designed to reduce shame. You'll also learn how to build healthy self-esteem, the 6 pillars of self-esteem, and activites to improve self-respect and self-love.

Family Roles


In this Family Roles Bundle you'll gain multiple resources to help gain awareness and begin to heal from dysfunctional family roles.

Fostering Resilience Subscription Products

Private Access to a Library of Products that Grow Each Month!

Premium Resilience Library

The Premium Resilience Library is a private membership portal containing 200+ Videos, Audios, eBooks, PowerPoint Presentations, Workbooks, Worksheets, and entire Course Materials. The Premium Resilience Library contains great tools for individuals, families, counselors and students. Resources at your fingertips for personal or professional use.

Group Therapy Exercises

A private Group Therapy Exercises membership portal containing 50+ group therapy exercises. This digital library of group therapy exercises grows every month with new group therapy exercises. Purchase now before the price increases as new exercises are added. Purchase now and lock in your yearly rate!

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